The things people do in todays day and age are just wrong on so many levels. I had to double look at this headline because I could not beleive it.

It Is true, A 30-year-old father is facing a gang of charges including three counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm and two counts stemming from allegedly leaving two other minors home alone after leaving his son alone on Highway 27 for finding out that the boy had been watching gay porn.

Such a cruel way to treat your son. He reportedly told his son, “Police will find you a new home” once he left him alone on the highway.

The Police did indeed find him with no food, water, money or a phone to call anybody for help. They Called his mother and she raced to the police station to take her son back home. Men shouldn't do that and I hope he gets whatever Is coming for him, The kid is a minor.

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