Man What a way to go out. Underwater trying to pop the big question to his girlfriend.

So The couple Steven Weber and Kenesha Antoine were said to be vacationing Tanzania (You know nice waters great views type stuff) And Stayed at this resort on the coast that’s famous for its underwater room (keep that in mind) So Kenesha wrote on facebook and said she was in their underwater room. Steven then went ahead and swam down and tapped on the glass with a message and a ring.

The Message read:

“I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But... Everything I love about you I love more every day,Will you please be my wife. Marry me???”

But Steven never return to the surface to hear Antoine say yes to his big question.

what a way to go but in his final moments he was very happy and in his best life check out what Kenesha said on the facebook post

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