According to Verge, today Lyft made an announcement that they’re rolling out new features on the app to help with safety and mistaken identity issues.

We all know the types of potential risks we take when hopping into a stranger’s car for a ride, even through an authorized ride sharing app. Just a month ago a South Carolina student was killed allegedly by a man who was posing as an Uber driver after mistakenly getting in his car.

Now Lyft is making safety a priority and created an in-app panic button that will allow passengers to call 911 as quickly as they can through the push of a button. With the new changes, they’ll also include enlarged versions of the driver’s license plate numbers to help prevent passengers from getting in the wrong car!

Along with the new panic button, Lyft is also offering sexual harassment prevention training to all of its drivers. Yessss. Lfyt is really coming through for the culture. Love a company that’s aware of what’s going on.

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