It be your own lunch ladies, y’all! According to reports, two lunch lady sisters in Connecticut have been charged for reportedly stealing tens of thousands of dollars from New Canaan Public School cafeterias.

The TIME reports that 61-year-old Joanne Pascarelli and 67-year-old Marie Wilson turned themselves in after police issued a warrant for their arrest after a long investigation. The sisters allegedly stole $478,588 from the cafeterias where they worked. They were officially charged with larceny and knowingly underreporting cash totals.

The warrant reads that Joanne Pascarelli allegedly stole “big bills” from the cash register during lunch hours, and Wilson would take money at the end of the day since it was her job to count the final cash amounts.


Mark Sherman Wilson’s lawyer, says she plans to plead not guilty.

“There is much more to this story,” he said in a statement. “Marie is innocent and did not personally divert a single nickel of town money for personal gain. She is not going to be scapegoated for this missing money.”

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