Uncle Luke lost his campaign for mayor in Miami-Dade County after placing fourth in the polls. Sources say, Luther “Luke” Campbell is out of the running in his bid for Miami-Dade mayor. The former 2 Live Crew member only got 11 percent of the votes disqualifying him from participating in the election on June 28th. Feeling some kind of way about his los, Luke didn’t lose his drive run for mayor next year. “This is just an appetizer. This is just the beginning, We can still run in 2012 and win this thing.” During his campaign, he promised, if elected, he would propose a tax on adult entertainers and proposed the legalization of small amounts of marijuana. Basing his entire campaign around his commitment, Campbell also stated, "I'm dead serious. I mean, that's my campaign slogan, the reason why I'm getting into this race is because Dade county politics is Banana Republican. When I look at the other ten candidates, I see that I need to be the person running for mayor to represent my city."

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