'Love & Hip Hop: New York' Season 3 reunited last night and the show was a circus to say the least -- and it was only Part One. Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex was spinning the tunes for the show and show creator Mona Scott-Young asked all the heavy-hitting questions. A lie detector test was also included for the show's most untrustworthy characters: Joe Budden and Erica Mena.

So the show starts off pretty embarrassing with Rashidah explaining why she called Mandeecees a clown to his fiancee Yandy's face. Rashidah was still upset about the fact that Mandeecees said some sly remarks about her. Rashidah took a low blow at Yandy and said it was strange that Mandeecees even brought up her name because he has a "small package."

Wynter, who is now pregnant, says she opened her mouth and told Rashidah that Mandeecees was talking behind her back because she felt he was being “disrespectful.”

But Yandy thinks otherwise. “You could have pulled him aside and spoke to him. That’s what a real G would have did,” Yandy said. Especially since Mandeecees and Wynter have been friends for over 10 years.

And remember the tell-all book Wynter was writing? The one where she said she would take out the chapter about Lore'l, which she read at her book event earlier in the season. But she didn't. “Wynter’s only friend is Wynter and money," said Lore'l who also plans to sue her former friend for ousting her. "You will be hearing from my lawyer. And I really hope you make a lot of money because we will be making a lot of money together."

The show focuses back on Raqi and Rashidah's beef. Raqi said Rashidah was a scam artist and that she would never do business with her, something she found out before the show. Tahiry said she cut off Raqi as a friend long ago because she sensed her negativity. She also cut Joe out as friend when she saw that he and Raqi were hanging out with each other a lot.

Rich Dollaz's mother also commented on Rich and Erica's relationship and why he wasn't so quick to claim her. “As much as Rich loved Erica, I think he was embarrassed to say you were in love with her,” she said. Erica even tries to argue with her but of course she wasn't having that type of talk from little girls. "Somebody cut that mic off,” she yells.

Erica was also put in the spotlight to sing the song that was "stolen" from her and given to Olivia live in the studio. But we know she wouldn't further embarrass herself.

Mona Scott-Young also brought out Joe's ex-girlfriend Kaylin, who began shedding tears as soon as she sat on the couch. “I love him that much that if he’s with you, I’m happy,” Kaylin said to Tahiry, who seemed slightly uncomfortable with Kaylin being there. “I didn’t break up their happy home,” Tahiry affirmed and said Joe was the one who reached out to her.

Then the time of the show arrived when lie detector results were announced. Joe was asked if he was still in love with Tahiry. He said he wasn’t and that was the truth. He then was asked if he had sex with Kaylin since breaking up with her and his response was "yes" and that was the truth as well.

But this did not sit well with Tahiry, who was visibly unsettled by this news. "Shut the f--- up and stop knocking on my door," she told Joe, who tried to make his case with her. Not this time.

Then it was Ms. Mena's turn. She was asked if she was ever in love with Rich Dollaz, which she said "yes" and was found to be telling the truth. She was also asked if the "R" tattoo she had stood for Rich's name. Erica said "yes" and that was true too. But Erica was sneaking around while she was dating Rich, as he suspected. "Did you cheat on Rich with anyone other than Tiffany?" Erica said "Yes." All in all, Erica says she’s still in love with Rich even after everything they went through.

What will happen on Part Two? Looks like Consequence and Joe Budden throw hands. We'll have to wait until next week to see the full throttle.

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