Peter Gunz continues to hide his wife Amina from the world. But she isn't going to be kept a secret for long and tells Rich Dollaz about their nuptials. An outraged Peter finds out and her plan backfires. “Don’t tell nobody we’re married,” he demands. Aren't side chicks a secret, not wives? These seem to be new rules he's following.

Later on in the show, Peter continues to lie to the women in his life. “You and them kids are number one to me,” he tells Tara, the mother of children. Knowing that he has some more dirt in his pocket, he tries to keep Tara trapped in his wack ways. “Promise me, you’ll never leave me no matter what.” But Tara's over the bulls--- and won't allow it anymore. “I lived through a mistake and I won’t live through another one,” she says to him. Little does she know she's currently dealing with one right now.

To add to the list of Peter's 99 problems, he goes to catch up with his older son and rapper Cory Gunz. Unfortunately, he's facing gun possession charges -- something Peter has gone through himself. “It’s very hard to look at my son, facing the same charges I faced when I was his age,” he admits. While at the studio with his seed, he gets a call about a party going down that he needs to crash real quick.

In other 'Love & Hip Hop' circles, Yandy throws K. Michelle a “Welcome to New York” shindig. She invites both Tara and Amina to the event -- Yandy has no idea Amina and Peter are "messing with each other." Towards the end of the show, Peter tries to show up to the party to stop Amina from going in and revealing the news that they are married. The little boy inside Peter shows himself as he begs her not to tell his dirty lie.

Elsewhere, Rich Dollaz is pegged as a "cornball" by Nya Lee, a stripper-turned-rapper. He shows up to the set of her music video to talk business, but she tells him straight that she doesn't respect him for his messy business practices. As we all know, last season his main downfall was trying to get his bread from the place he gets his meat. Never a good idea, which ended with him and Erica Mena going their separate ways. Rich and Nya continue to argue then he storms out.

Long-lost New York rapper Saigon is pulled into the crazy mix this season and his relationship problems are immediately put on front street. He wants to reconnect with the mother of his child, Erica Jean, and possibly have a relationship with her.

Let's keep in mind that he has two kids, who are one month apart, with two different woman. To add on, Erica did not allow him to be there for her during the birth of their son. Taking advice from Peter Gunz, which should always be taken with a grain of salt, Saigon tells her he wants a DNA test for their son before they move forward with any kind of relationship.

Tahiry and Joe Budden continue to work out the kinks in their struggling relationship. She reveals to him that she wants to go on an audition for a movie and if she gets the role, she will be away for a few weeks. But Joe appears to feel threatened by any absence on her part. “You have to find balance between you and your relationship,” he says. Instead of arguing they decide to take it up with the therapist later. Perhaps there's hope for these two, but it's too early to tell.

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