While this season's episodes are clearly drama-filled, 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' is overly-scripted, which means fans know that 75 percent of the storyline isn't real. Things have started to get a bit stale and predictable. With the same characters standing in the show's spotlight week after week, Mona Scott-Young's money-making machine hasn't produced as many signature OMG moments. However, this week's 60-minute saga seemed to shock everyone when the women started standing up for themselves instead of accepting the usual nonsense.

Karlie Redd and Kaleena showed up at Rasheeda's house in a Sprinter for their all-girls road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. After Kirk and his relentless worst-husband-of-the-decade behavior, Rasheeda says she's had enough and is in need of some time away. But while mama's away, Mr. Frost quickly realizes he wishes his wife had stayed.

Desperate for help and realizing that calling Jasmine, the waitress, is not an option, Kirk calls Shirlene Buckner aka Rasheeda's mom for help. But, of course the two aren't able to get along for a full 24 hours before going into World War III mode. To win the verbal brawl that begins over absolutely nothing, Kirk slips up by letting Mama Buckner know he's taking care of baby Karter because the DNA test proved the kid is his. Good job, Mr. Frost. If you're going to keep a secret that big and brutal, make sure you know how to keep your mouth closed -- but after the hot tub incident last year, we know that's a little too hard for Kirk.

Later that afternoon, Shirlene calls Rasheeda to tell her about Kirk's paternal voyeurism, and from that moment forward it's clear that Mrs. Frost turned up Yo Gotti's 'F--- You' while Kaleena stuck two middle fingers in the air. To help keep girls' weekend going and keep Rasheeda's mind off the man she currently regrets being her husband, #TeamTurnUp goes into full effect. The girls are thinking, "Turn down for what" as the shots of Peach Ciroc start flowing.

But leave it to Kirk to decide to be a concerned husband when his wife will not pick up or return any of his phone calls. So what does he do? He takes an unscheduled trip to New Orleans, and pops up on Rasheeda the second she's leaving the party. First question here is, if Rasheeda isn't answering the phone, how did Kirk know exactly where she was going to be and at what hour? Nevermind. The script.

For the first time in a year, Kirk offers up what seems like a heartfelt apology. "I did mess up, and I'm saying I'm sorry... what I want you to do is allow me to be your husband," he tells her. Rasheeda's had no problem with Kirk being her husband, he's the one that didn't want to be there -- in case anyone else didn't peep that. "I want my friend, I want my wife, I want us to be Kirk and Rasheeda... I'm trying to make it work. I don't want to lose my family.. .I love you. You know I love you. We're married. Wedding ring. No wedding ring. I don't wanna go another day without you knowing how much I love you...We got married as a couple, and I want it to stay this way."

At the end of the day, Rasheeda knows that's her husband so of course she's in tears, and she wants to honor her vow but she stands her ground by saying, "I need my space," and leaves her man on the street alone where he belongs right now. Hats off to Rasheeda for not being a dumb chick.

Meanwhile, back in the A, baby mama Erica and her new beau O'Shea resurface only for people to hear Erica say she's tired of always providing for him (financially), and never getting anything in return. Ariane, who's also been on a small #LHHATL hiatus, returns and checks her BFF by asking if she's financially carrying her relationship with the model -- by the way, we've never seen him model. With no hesitation, Erica just lets out a smirk telling the world her current sex life is top-notch. So being the true friend she is, Ms. Davis poses one of the world's most mysterious questions: would you rather have a man with money who's cheating on you (Scrappy) or a man that's loyal but broke as hell (O'Shea)? Preach, Ariane.

Erica doesn't openly answer Ariane's question on camera, but if her answer was to be O'Shea, she quickly had a change of heart when her now ex-man started barking on her for meeting Scrappy for dinner. O'Shea the Model accuses Erica of sleeping with Scrap in a hotel room because they met for dinner after the sun went down. O'Shea, you do know that's her baby daddy right? He's not going anywhere. She's always going to have a reason to meet up with him. Well, at least she finally got rid of that trash bag.

Sidenote, who ever thought Scrappy and Erica would be the sane couple on the show?

And While Stevie J is busy finding ways to apologize to Joseline with roses, bubbles and champagne, Mimi is finally starting to come out of denial and admit that Nikko is a creep. In the midst of attempting to check her live-in boyfriend on pumping the release of their sex tape, she asks about his relationship with Althea. Nikko, with no tact, responds to her queries with, "Could I have slept with her? Absolutely! You need to learn how to relax a little more. I'm gonna have thousands of women around me." Nikko, rule 101 about dating: you don't tell your girlfriend who you could be knocking down if you're trying to keep a relationship alive. But everyone knows Nikko's a tool, so why would anyone expect common sense from him?

After hearing Nikko talk sideways, the old Mimi makes a comeback and puts the wannabe porn star out of the house, but not before asking, "Did you leak the tape?" People would love to believe Ms. Faust isn't that dumb, but they can only go off of what they see.

So to wrap #LHHATL episode 8, we leave you with Nikko's parting comments. "There are certain things that you just need to respect... I'm all about the money."

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