Kickoff for the NFL regular season is just days away and Los Angeles is getting ready for an influx of Bills bringing in beer.

The Buffalo Bills will be traveling to Los Angeles this week to take on the Super Bowl champion Rams for the first regular season game of the year.  But as you know, it won't just be players headed to that stadium.  The Bills don't go anywhere without ther fans - The Bills Mafia.

To say that Bills fans tend to have a name for themselves wherever they go could be a bit of an understatement.  Bills fans travel well.  They are all over this country.

So in order to make sure that they have a comfortable stay, Los Angeles has imported some beer that will make them feel a little more at home.  They've brought in a couple pallets of Labbatt Blue.

$24,000 worth of Labatt Blue was delivered on a Tuesday a week before the game.  Now the question is, what are they going to do once game time comes?  Granted, just because Labatt is headquartered here in Buffalo it doesn't mean that it's everyone from Buffalo's favorite beer, so not everyone will be drinking it but there's a good chance that $24,000 of beer won't last a week, and a half...especially with Bills fans!

How much do Bills fans actually drink on a game day? I could not find a recent number, but they've been known to drink over "$332,500 on beer on a typical sellout Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium." They've been called the "Drunkest fans in the NFL."

That $332,500 total is the amount from just one day. Do you think Bills fans might drink a little more these days?

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is if you're hoping to drink a nice cold Labatt before the game on Thursday night, you might have to find a way to bring your own.  LA isn't ready for Bills Mafia.

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