According to WIVB, Dakota Wiley is making a name for himself with his creative sneaker designs. 21-year old Dakota designed a pair of custom cleats for Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, and Dion Dawkins.

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According to WIVB, Dakota Wiley said.

It's just humbling and I want to thank god for it, and my parents for supporting me through it.

Custom cleats and sneaker design is a very big deal right now. NBA and NFL players have the opportunity at some point in the season to use their platform and wear custom gear to support their favorite charities. I think with the recent spotlight on social injustice and racial equality, we will see more custom sneakers and cleats in sports.

According to WIVB, Dakota Wiley's brother-in-law David Fluellen helped him make his first design connection with the Tennesse Titans. This exciting experience was shared with other athletes, and Dakota made the decision to show others behind the scenes, with his YouTube channel.

There are a few sneaker design artist in the city of Buffalo as well, it's encouraging to see what Dakota Wiley is doing for his brand and creative art skills, I'm sure this will maybe inspire other young artists to keep pushing to reach their creative goals.

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