I'm sure this couldn't come at a more inopportune time for this local business, a lot of restaurant owners are still trying to recover from this global pandemic and with that being said I'm sure there is never a good time to lose $1000.00 worth of business.

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20 individuals decided to go have food and drinks at the Chocolate Bar on Chippewa Street in downtown Buffalo on Sunday night. The large group received their bill and it totaled $1000.00, the group decided that they were going to run out of the bar and restaurant without paying, and that's what they did.

The manager of the bar did try to stop the large group, but they were just too much to handle, the group of individuals ripped off the manager's mask and threaten him. The restaurant is only doing less than half of its normal business, and to have something like this happen is scary.

On the bright side of things, as unfortunate as this horrible incident was for the restaurant, they have decided to turn things around and do something positive to help people that are really in need. The Chocolate Bar will donate to the city mission to help out those less fortunate and really need the help.

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In a recent Facebook post, the restaurant said that the perpetrators were a mixed age of adults and the restaurant owners are saddened by what has happened. I'm glad that the restaurant is able to move on and turn this negative into a positive for somebody else.

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