If you have ever gone to a Buffalo Bills home game at Highmark stadium you know that the concessions can be a bit pricey.

So will a new pizza sponsorship between the NFL and Little Caesar's Pizza bring some cheap eats to Bills' home games?

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We will have to wait and see. The NFL announced this week that they have signed a new agreement with Little Caesar's to become the new official pizza of the league.

Of course, that means that Little Caesar's is also now the official pizza of the Buffalo Bills, so will their hot and ready be available at Highmark Stadium next season?

My son Avry loves Little Caesar's Pizza, and I, a self-proclaimed cheapskate, also loved the pizza for the price. Of course over the past couple of years just like most things, the price of a "Hot-N-Ready" pizza from Little Caesar's has gone up.

Earlier this year the company announced that the price of a "Hot-N-Ready" pizza would jump up from $5 for a cheese pizza to $5.55. Little Caesar's cited the cost of the ingredients as the reason for the rise in the price.

Even at $5.55, a "Hot-N-Ready" pizza would be one of the cheapest items you could get inside Highmark Stadium during a Bills' game. So will it happen?

Probably not. There is too much money to be made from the concession at home games for the Bills to offer a pizza that cheap. You can't bring outside food into the stadium so you are forced to buy your food there which means that they can charge what they want.

Maybe after winning a Super Bowl, the Little Caesar's in Western New York will offer a special Super Bowl deal of 56cents for a pizza since the Bills are going to win Super 56.

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