Deli meats and cheeses are believed to have caused a deadly listeria outbreak that has sickened people in New York and five other states. One person has died and another person suffered a miscarriage due to the outbreak.

Listeriosis is a serious infection usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

The Centers for Disease Control is investigating the outbreak. Listeria can cause serious illness or even death in people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash
Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash

The infection has affected 16 people and led to 13 hospitalizations. The person who died was from Maryland. Another person, whose location wasn't specified, got sick while they were pregnant and lost their pregnancy. Six of the people sickened in New York reportedly bought deli meat from NetCost Market.

In 2021, health officials in New York state and New York City found the outbreak strain of Listeria in several environmental and food samples - Several open packages of mortadella and ham that were sliced at the same NetCost Market deli in Brooklyn. Sliced salami that a sick person bought from a NetCost Market deli in Staten Island.

The other states affected by the outbreak include California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Symptoms Of Listeria:

- Fever
- Muscle Aches
- Chills
- Headache
- Stiff Neck
- Confusion
- Loss of balance
- Convulsions
- Nausea
- Diarrhea

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