Like everything it seems, the price to rent a limo in New York State has gone up recently at most companies. Between the fresh laws that New York State has imposed on the companies over the past couple of years and the recent, massive spike in gas prices, it gets harder and harder for limo companies to turn a profit and that is why you have probably seen an increase in price.

There was a horrible limousine accident in October 18 where the brakes failed on a limo by Albany killing 20 people. New laws were in place because of this accident and they are for the better.

Now, there are so many new laws to keep you and your friends safe when you rent a limo for a wedding, wine tour, concert or any other fun night out you are trying to have. The new laws include having GPS's on every limo, certain restrictions, and bigger insurance policies, but one thing that stuck out that seemed to be, almost surprising, was this new rule that was passed just over a year ago.

  • The penalties for making illegal U-turns in a stretch limousine or FVH that seats nine or more passengers will go up beginning February 3, 2021. The penalty for violating the U-turn ban will be a $750-$1000 fine and/or 180 days’ imprisonment if there are any passengers in the vehicle. If only the driver is in the vehicle, then the penalty will be a $250–$400 fine and/or 15 days’ imprisonment for a first offense and a $600–$750 fine and/or 45 days’ imprisonment for any subsequent offense within 18 months. (L.2020, c. 4.)

I think it was most surprising only because all the other new rules were monetary laws. In addition, I am not sure I have ever seen a limo do a U-turn anyone, that has got to be pretty hard to do.

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