Lil Wayne is finally dropping Tha Carter V album after years of waiting. As promised, he revealed he had a "special surprise" for fans at 5 p.m. on Sept. 25, which turned out to be a three-minute video clip of Lil Wayne discussing the album.

He ultimately revealed the LP will be released when the clock strikes midnight on Fri., Sept. 27, which also happens to be his birthday. He'll be turning 36.

The video opens on Wayne hopping out of a Hummer truck with his trusted double-cup in tow, and the camera follows him as he walks into his studio. "I heard there was a misunderstanding about the release date of Tha CV," he said, referring to the widespread rumors on social media that the album was supposed to drop last Fri., Sept. 21.

"I would like for y'all to know that since y'all stuck with me for like the last four or five years, through all of this, y'all got me feeling like Tiger Woods with this comeback," he continued. "On my birthday, I actually have something special. I will be releasing Tha Carter V on my birthday. Now, if you don't know when my birthday is, Wikipedia does. Wiki me, bish."

Weezy goes on to thank his fans wholeheartedly for supporting him through the years, which saw the rise, fall and rise again of his relationship with mentor and Young Money co-founder Birdman. "Every ounce of anything I have left in my heart, it goes to y'all. Honestly, my fans, the supporters, the world. Of course, it's my family and God first, and I am nothing, absolutely nothing without my fans," he said.

Fans have been waiting, as Wayne noted, for nearly six years since he first announced the project and said it would be his last album. The delay of its release was embroiled in the legal battle between Wayne and Birdman, which eventually concluded in July 2018. As a result of the lawsuit, Lil Wayne became the sole owner of Young Money.

The project remains largely a mystery. In a recent Billboard cover interview, it was revealed that Wayne would discuss a suicide attempt by the artist at age 12. The iconic hip-hop artist has always maintained that shooting himself nearly through the heart was an accident. However, according to Mack Maine, Tha Carter V's outro track will discuss the fact that it was actually an attempt by Weezy to end his life when his mother told him he wasn't allowed to rap.

Along with his announcement of the album release date, Weezy also included a link to his website,, which has a countdown clock to the long-awaited album drop.

Watch the video of Lil Wayne announcing the release date for Tha Carter V below.

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