Things might be getting real for Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, as the two hip hop superstars are reportedly targets in a new federal drug investigation. According to TMZ, the case involves thousands of dollars worth of narcotics, and was triggered by a drug trial involving music producer Harrison Garcia.

The Miami producer reportedly named both artists in sent text messages bragging about selling drugs to both artists. The site reports that the exchanged texts showed Garcia writing to a underling, stating, "I'll shoot u some trees (pot). It's for Wayne." Another text shows a screenshot of a $15,000 bank deposit that was allegedly from Breezy, with Garcia writing, "Look who put money in my account." After the woman receiving the text questioned what it was for, Garcia wrote that it was for "Drugs ... lean and sh*t."

TMZ also reports an FBI agent testified that the producer admitted to selling Weezy "a lot of narcotics." He also has photos with both Wayne and Brown from past instances, but there's no visible evidence proving that he sold them the alleged drugs. It's no secret both artists have spoken about drug use in the past, but this could be risky for both of their records. We'll have to see how this investigation pans out, but for now, Wayne and Chris should stay on their toes.

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