How many of you know who Lil Reese is? Well for those of you that don’t know he’s known for running with rappers like Chief Keef & Lil Durk all coming from the same neighborhood. Some of you may know him from his back and forth with 6ix9ine on Instagram.

Lil Reese raps just like Keef and Durk but he still could not leave the street life behind. Recently Reese was involved in a drive-by shooting were he was rushed to the hospital after. Reese has a major vocal injury were he can’t speak for some time due to bullets hitting him in the neck causing staples and stitches to be needed.

A lot of vlogs been asking Reese to do interviews since the shooting but he doesn’t want to unless paid. Reese said they have to pay him a million for him to do interview. Based on Reese status in the rap game do you think he’s asking for too much? Also do you think he need to give the street life up?

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