Lil Pump is calling out Eminem on Instagram.

On Thursday afternoon (Dec. 24), Lil Pump hopped on his Instagram Story to share his negative thoughts on Em in a brief, expletive-laced video.

"Aye, fuck Eminem," Pump said in the clip. "You is lame as hell. Ain't nobody listening to your old ass. You lame as fuck, bitch."

It's unclear what prompted Pump to come for the Detroit rhymer via social media, but it can be assumed that he is referring to Em's latest album, Music to Be Murdered By - Side B (Deluxe). However, the South Florida rapper has utilized the app to make noise on several occasions in the past without prior prodding, so this mini rant isn't surprising.

Yesterday (Dec. 23), Lil Pump also posted a photo of himself on IG, proclaiming that he's the modern-day Michael Jackson.

"IM THE NEW AGE MICHAEL JACKASON," the former 2018 XXL Freshman wrote in the caption of the image, in which he can be seen rocking burnt orange-colored dreadlocks while wearing a gray and tan tweed jacket.

Earlier this month, Lil Pump posted a photo of himself holding a toddler and alluded that he was the father of the child. Instead, the kid Pump shared a picture of is a well-known baby on social media whose real dad is Andre Malek, a yacht captain who operates chartered boats in Miami. According to a report from TMZ on Dec. 20, the child takes pictures with celebrities when they book his father. The baby even has his own Instagram account, which is @CaptainAdorable305.

Lil Pump also made headlines last month after saying he's voting for Donald Trump. Following Pump showing support for No. 45, he attended a rally for the current POTUS, who referred to the rapper as "Little Pimp."

Shortly after the 2020 presidential election took place, it was revealed that although Pump was rooting for Trump over President-elect Joe Biden, he isn't registered to vote.

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