When it comes to collecting coins Boosie is taking things to a whole new level with this one! We all know Boosie has had the same fade since forever, and not for nothing but it IS fresh. It’s not too high, not too low and the sides stay blended. Clearly this man is serious about his hair. SO serious about his haircut that he wants to go as far as trademarking the signature look!


© FilmMagic
© FilmMagic

On an episode of RaqRants, Boosie sat down with Raquel Harper to explain he already has someone on his team working on his trademark deal. When asked if he’s working on a trademark: “Oh yea, I got Ms. Vanessa working on it, we got it.”

Raquel gave Boosie a few scenarios on who/what would be subjected to his trademark infringement. And here’s the break down, as of now other people can wear the “booze fade” but Boosie’s main concern is if his hair is featured in big blockbuster movies.

SO, if you’re a director who happens to need your character to rock the “Boosie fade” just know you’re going to have to come up OFF THAT! Boosie said he’s started the trend and wants his coin if it comes up!

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