It's the last NewTube Thursday of the year!!  This is THE place to find the hottest music videos to hit the web each week. Pop the top for the latest from 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Mya & Busta Rhymes. Also check out the "Obama" Bonus Beat!


2 Chainz claims he's different, but in this video he cruises around his city in a boat pulled by a truck. If you're having De'Ja Vu but don't know why. Click here and watch Big Sean's GUAP video!

I will give Tity Boi, oops I Mean 2 Chainz, credit for that one of a kind outfit!

Mya gave her fans an intimate look into her personal life in this "Mr Incredible" video off that K.I.S.S. album

Busta Rhymes got in on the 12.21.12 hype on Friday whem he released Busta Rhymes finally launches the first project off his re-branded label “Conglomerate” with J-Doe and Reek Da Villian. The first single of the "Catastrophic" mixtape comes with a video. Check out this Elevator Music"

The video to "Long Live A$AP" emerges online three days before his dad dies! A$AP Rocky announced his Father's mysterious death via Instagram.  Keep that 3rd eye open people! A$AP Rocky presents mind control at it's finest! 

############# BONUS ###########

DJ Maestro - The Obama Slide & Glide

Move to the newest line dance provided by "The Hustle Man" Dj Maestro. Get your practice on so on inauguration night, we can all slide and glide as the President Obama in sworn in for another term!