This is getting out of control.

The Lancaster Police Department posted a warning on Facebook last week. There were 3 cars that were stolen on the south side of Lancaster right out of their driveways.

Over the past few months, there have been so many stories about people stealing cars in Western New York. In fact, it has been happening in many other neighboring towns. Usually, the vehicles will be stolen, used for illegal activity, and ditched in the City somewhere.

In the past week, our officers have taken reports of three stolen vehicles and other reports of vehicles being entered/larcenies from vehicles in the south part of Lancaster. All of the stolen vehicles were later located and recovered in the City of Buffalo.

You HAVE to lock your car doors at night and BRING YOUR keys inside. Almost all of the incidents involving stolen cars happen because the keys are left in the car overnight. Admittingly, I used to leave the keys in my car as well so, I get WHY people did it. Your driveway is your personal space. You SHOULD feel like you can be safe, but unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, someone pointed something out that made me a little worried. If crooks can get in your car, they can take your garage door opener and make their way into your home. Make sure you are locking your car and bringing your keys inside the house at night!

Neighboring towns have reported similar incidents recently. People are driving through our communities, looking for unlocked vehicles, so they can either steal the vehicle or take any valuables left in the vehicle", according to the Facebook page below.

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