On Aug. 3, 1993, legendary rap duo Kris Krossreleased their sophomore album, ‘Da Bomb,’ which is kind of an understatement.

After the success of their debut LP, ‘Totally Krossed Out,' the Atlanta duo were everywhere. They opened for Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' Tour. They were in other artist’s music videos. They were on the cover of magazines. They appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show alongside Marky Mark and TLC.

Needless to say, the late Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith was fully embraced by America. Then came this out-of-left-field album that flagged an image change for the teen group.

The last single, 'It's a Shame,' from their juvenile-centric debut, was released in January of 1993, and foreshadowed the direction the new album would go in -- but it didn't stop it from being odd for these kids to rock that East Compton aesthetic.

Eight months later they’d release an album that samples Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ LP. The image change came fast and it didn’t resonate. ‘Da Bomb’ would only sell a million albums in comparison to the 4 million their debut would sell. They weren’t hardcore rap but they weren’t going for a sunny mainstream vivaciousness either.

The lead single, 'Alright,' featured dancehall artist Supercat. Throw in some bars about a beef Kris Kross was having with the Da Youngsta’s and clips of the group in a hydraulic car and you had a group that was definitely trying to maintain their street credibility.

We also got an introduction to Da Brat on the album’s title track, after her win on ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ that would link her to Jermaine Dupri, producer and writer on ‘Da Bomb.’

It’s easy to forget that if it weren’t for Kris Kross we’d have no Jermaine Dupri, which would mean no half of Usher’s incredible catalog or Mariah Carey’s comeback in 2005.

Dupri was front and center on all three of the rap duo’s major releases, which begs the question of what happened on this second album? Was it a simple sophomore slump? Or was it a too-quick image change that just didn’t go well?

The answers don’t matter because as time went on, Kris Kross was always remembered for ‘Jump’ and within the conforms of cross-over hip-hop that’s more than anyone could ask for.

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