Ray J “Never Should Have” said “I Hit It First”  because we all know Kanye West is probably hoppin’ in a “Box Chevy” ready to stop Ray J from seeing a “New Day” for talking ish about his "Q.U.E.E.N."

With all these hot new videos dropping this week, it's no wonder the haters  "Can't Hold Us"! Tune in to NewTube for the Top 7 Videos of the Last 7 Days!!


Check out this week's NewTube Thursday featuring new videos from Ray J, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Macklemore, Janelle Monae and Rick Ross. Also a special bonus video from Kris Kross in memory of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly. Check out all the videos below!

Ray J – I Hit it First ft. Bobby Brackins

Wow! Ray J went on the record saying "The song is NOT about Kim but the video is basically saying “Hey Kim Kardashian, I made who you are today!” Such a bold move from Ray J, however; the video is shockingly even bolder! He has a Kim K look –a-like shown all over him and living his life of luxury. It leaves me to wonder if this is a publicity stunt from Mr. Ray J…..hmmmmm. Hate say it…but the song is quite catchy. How about you check it out and see for yourself!

Alicia Keys – New Day

This song is old but the video lets everyone know Alicia Keys is back and in full force! The song and video are both empowering…makes you want to get up and dance right with Alicia. This is definitely one that you have to check out!

Ashanti – Never Should Have

The song is beautiful. Ashanti has really came back and made a vocal statement! She’s showing her range and vocal projections and draws you into the song. The whole video is something deep and it tends to trigger your own thoughts and have you thinking I “Never Should Have”. Check it out…

This JUST landed in my inbox! Empowering new music from Ms Monae! QUEEN reminds the music industry that in this digital age, the audience decides what they want to listen to. Not the media, not the record executive. It is a direct artist-fan relationship and this one is for the LADIES!!

Check out these top YouTube Comments:


This record is already #1 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts and I am so in love with it!! When I first heard it I thought it was Immortal Technique and John Legend. But to my surprise it's the Seattle Rap/R&B duo Macklemore and Ray Dalton bringing the heat on this jam. The lyrics are inspiring and the beat is infectious!! Enjoy!!

Rick Ross – Box Chevy

This song always gets you hype, so hype that it’s featured on the #JazzyDriveAt5! The video, however, is your typical Rick Ross video. He’s in the hood, with some eye candy, his box Chevy and his homies. There are some skits that are quite entertaining. Just shows you the life of a everyday boss (in my Rick Ross voice). Check it out!


Kris Kross – Jump

In memory of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly who passed away on May 1st, 2013, today’s bonus is the infamous song “Jump”. This song takes you all the way back to 1992 when wearing your jeans backwards was a statement. This song hit billboards chart as the #1 song for weeks! R.I.P Chris Kelly and all you viewers enjoy!

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