Mark this day down in hip-hop history. Kodak Black has (kinda, sorta) apologized for saying he would punch pregnant City Girls rapper Yung Miami in the stomach on a recently released jail freestyle.

Lil Kodak's backtracking of his prior statements came via Twitter on Saturday night (Aug. 10).

"Yung Miami, gimmicks are for suckas. As I sit back I realize how petty that move was and how as a man it's certain things we refrain from," he posted.

He also addressed the father of Miami's unborn child, 808 Mafia producer Southside, in a follow-up post.

"Ain't no smoke with you bra, fuck that lame shit," he posted. "I pray y'all have a healthy baby and a prosperous life. Besides, bitch, we got more hits to make."

KodakBlack via Instagran
KodakBlack via Instagran

Kodak had the internet going nuts when he name-dropped Yung Miami with the lines, "I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby/When I see her I'ma hit that bitch in her stomach/The way I keep my shit too real, they say I'm fucking up my money."

The shot drew a reaction from Southside who responded, "Hey, somebody tell Kodak suck a dick. How 'bout that? Get out of jail first, pussy."

Yung Miami has more pressing issues on her plate, currently. Last week, her vehicle was shot up in South Florida. She walked away unscathed but is still dealing with the mental trauma.

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