Everyday I hear about people losing jobs and how bad the economy is for some people. Obviously Nike lives in a different world. During a photoshoot for basketball player, Kobe Bryant, Nike forked up $850 for Kobe's "grooming".


TMZ Sports has obtained a copy of the invoice … which shows Nike coughed up $750 for grooming services for the Mamba — PLUS, the Swoosh sprung for a 15% tip.

We spoke with a rep for Nike … who tells us “Kobe doesn’t typically wear makeup during the shoots, so the grooming would be primarily for hair.”

I'm sure Kobe is welcomed back to this barber shop anytime he wants to come back. This is small change to Nike but seems like a big deal to us. I'm happy for the barber if Nike wanted to pay me $850 dollars to shave someone bald I would take it to and do a great job.

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