JaVale McGee Fakes An Injury So He Can Score In Preseason
When I saw this play out live I couldn't believe it and since its been trending on twitter ever since it happened I guess you couldn't believe it happened also.
So during the Lakers last preseason game against the Golden State Warriors JaVale McGee faked a knew injury and walked out of boun…
For Kobe's Cut
Everyday I hear about people losing jobs and how bad the economy is for some people. Obviously Nike lives in a different world. During a photoshoot for basketball player, Kobe Bryant, Nike forked up $850 for Kobe's "grooming".
TMZ Sports has obtained a copy of the invoice … which shows Nik…
"I Can Do It"
The Earth stood still for a moment last night (April 12) as the news broke of Kobe Bryant's injury. But amidst the rumors of retirement, Kobe is determine to beat all odds. Hear from him in his own words inside.
Drake Apologizes to Kobe’s Wife
If you have been following the world of Drake you would know earlier this month he had a verse on the Rick Ross, song Stay Schemin. In the verse he made subliminal jabs at Common as well as Kobe Bryant's ex wife Vanessa Bryant. The line where he mentions Vanessa, is :
"Kobe bout to lo…
The Kobe System: A New Way To Live Your Life [VIDEO]
Are you successful? As successful as you could or should be? Learn to adapt to succeed through the Kobe system. This is probably one of the best advertisement campaigns I have seen in a long time for Nike and probably will get lots of people to go out and buy these UGLY shoes LOL...