Throughout this entire election process some people constantly complained about how neither of these two candidates were worthy of the position of President of the United States. One candidate that had been a part of the establishment for more than thirty years and the other with no political background whatsoever; so at the end of the day (for some) it came down to supporting the “lesser of two evils”.

Well numbers do not lie and it looks like the majority of registered African-American voters across the country decided to “sit it out” on Election Day Tuesday. Over the course of the election cycle Hillary Clinton’s camp tried hard to get minority voters energized in the same way they did for Barack Obama eight years ago. She even used Jay Z and Beyonce along with other celebrities to help get voters out; but unfortunately that did not happen this time around.

Today Americans have awakened to a brand new president elect in Donald J. Trump. In fact, for most, it is a complete surprise!


As of January 20, 2017 there will be no Black Leader so to speak. Who will African-Americans turn to moving forward?

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