This Week's Know Thyself Community Wednesday Conversation we touched on Domestic Road Rage, Guns on the Streets of Buffalo, Thinking before we act out on emotions and George Zimmerman's Arrest.  

There was so much community response to these issues, we did not have time to play all the callers. All of the information shared is important as we take that next step in uplifting awareness. Hear the rest of the conversation inside...

Tuesday Night I witnessed some crazy domestic road-rage as a female driver literally ran her dude's car off the road and then sped off down Elmwood Ave leaving his car to crash into a building and catch fire! Listen to the story Here:

Topic Intro

The first Student on Buffalo's board of Edication board chimes in:

This Young Lady from Bailey Ave Says she would've done the same thing!

Buffalo's Wise Women react to above caller's comment

Woman recalls when she bought the gun with intention of shotting her baby Daddy

Tyler from West Senaca on gun Violence:

As we awaited the press conference announcing the 2nd Degree Murder Charges against George Zimmerman, a caller says its too little too late:

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