Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant is having flashbacks of her childhood in the South, as the racist hatred of the KKK has followed her to Western New York.

Check out the threatening letter and Grant's response inside.

FB User Betty J Grant
FB User Betty J Grant

In the midst of the 63rd State Senate District Primary Race, Betty Jean Grant received a letter postmarked October 3rd 2012, threatening Grant and her family if she didn't "give up trying to win" the election.


Due to her busy schedule, Betty did not open the letter from the KKK until after the once "too close to call" race named incumbent Senator Tim Kennedy the winner. There were several recounts showing Kennedy as the winner, with the results verified by a State Supreme Court Justice.

At first Betty said she would not challenge the Supreme Court ruling, and withdrew from the race. After reading the from the letter from the White Supremacist Group, she has changed her mind and is seeking an appeal of the State Supreme Court outcome.

If given another chance to vote Betty Jean Grant for Senator, will you?
I definitely will. Reasons including, because she is a woman, because she is black and because she got empowered, rather than scared of a letter from the KKK.

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