While the world is still reeling from Donald Trump's shocking victory, Killer Mike gave his thoughts on why the 70-year-old was so successful.

Today (Nov. 9), the Atlanta rapper stopped by the daytime talk show The Real and said that many underestimated the voting power of poor white people in the United States.

"I knew people are mad," said Mike, who's been an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter. "I knew people are mad. I knew that people are mad enough to do things, and that I hadn't expected them to do. I saw people that looked like me and you saying they're voting for Trump and that scared me. I think poor white people are mad, because the system that promises you something based on that isn't gonna ever give you that."

Earlier this week, the Run the Jewels member seemed to say that black people shouldn't vote in this year's election, a position he later decided to clarify.

"I will be voting locally, you should vote," wrote Mike. "I'm just saying, when you vote ask for something back."

In regards to the rapper's opinion on why the billionaire real estate mogul snagged most of the votes, he said that democrats are actually to blame.

"We have been used by a party to the liberal side that once in office has not enacted policy that's reflective of stuff that would bring our communities up," Mike stated. "I think poor people got angry, and I think there just happened to be in this country more poor angry white people."

You can see what else Killer Mike had to say in the clip above.

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