In a bit of un-shocking news, Khia has an opinion about recently married Keyshia Ka'oir. Khia claims Keyshia left her kids to be with her new husband, Gucci Mane.

Basically Khia says that Keyshia didn't invite any of her three children to her lavish nuptials with Gucci, which was billed as The Mane Event and aired on BET earlier this week.

"Who is the daddy to those children? Where are those children? Where are you friends and family that really know you?" Khia ponders while holding a gravel because she is apparently the judger of life.

She also said she'd rather see Gucci go back to prison than to walk down the aisle, and pleaded for him not to go through with the wedding. Khia is tired of everyone having "fake ass weddings" on VH1 and BET and "walking down these tired ass aisles with lions and tires and bears." She's also over producer Mona Scott-Young televising what she says are fake unions.

If you're inclined, take a look at Khia's opinion on Gucci and Keyshia's nuptials above.


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