There's a release date floating around for Kelly Rowland's fourth solo album, 'Talk a Good Game' -- formerly called 'Year of the Woman' -- and it's slated for June 4.

A Facebook post for the former Destiny's Child singer's label listed June 4 as the release date for the album….but in South Africa of all places. The fourth is a Tuesday, which is the day of the week that labels release new music, so it's quite possible that June 4 will end up being the global release date for Rowland's latest, the follow up to 2011's 'Here I Am.'

The singer has a massive following in the U.K., and 'Motivation' from 'Here I Am' was a huge smash, so fans are clamoring for a full album from the gorgeous 'Kisses Down Low' vocalist and if this posting is to be believed, the new disc is right around the corner.

Rowland recently revealed that she recorded a whopping 50 songs for the album, which was condensed down to a more manageable number, saying, "It’s way more intimate… Some of the writers wanted to push the envelope on some things and really open me up a bit as far as what to discuss. Some things really hit home."

Well, 'Kisses Down Low' isn't making its intimacy intentions and we cannot wait to hear more. We've been looking forward to new Kelly Rowland tunes ever since she joined Beyonce at the Super Bowl Halftime show in February!

Watch Kelly Rowland's 'Kisses Down Low' Video

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