For years Kelly has been a pillar in the community on the east side of Buffalo, Not only is he known for being one of the best barbers in the region but also a good man at heart. I have been getting my hair cut by Kelly since I was like 11 and he has always been like a Big brother giving advice and just really one of those people who genuinely cares about others. Kelly Has turned Elite Hair Creations into more than just a barber shop. Its a place you can go to not only get a top of the line cut but also have a few laughs. I dont care if you are having the worst day of your life after coming to the shop your will definitely be feeling and looking better. There have been times when I didnt even really need a cut but just needed to get out the house and relax and after coming to the shop and laughing with the crew and talking with Kelly my day got better. Kelly is the type of barber that not only makes sure your good on the outside but on the inside too. Just wanted to take the time out to Salute him because he definitely deserves it. (Even though he's been ducking me in Call Of Duty for years because he knows im the best lol).



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