Remember Kelis? She was the R&B vixen who brought vigor and soul to dance music before other R&B artists started jumping on the music trend.

Nas' ex-wife hasn't released any new material since her 2010 album, 'Flesh Tone,' but she marks her return this week with her feel-good tune, 'Call on Me' 'Jerk Ribs.'

Produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, the song boasts an orchestral Afrobeat rhythm, echoic guitars and soaring trumpets. On the song, Kelis describes being free through the song's keys and melodies.

"In Harlem / Where I started to breathe / The beat was like the soundtrack to me / I was the girl / My daddy was the world / He played the notes and keys / He said to look for melody in everything," she sings. "So this miss this / This is what it looks like / So call on me."

While we would prefer to hear Kelis over some Neptunes productions, we like the new musical direction she is going in right now. It's a more retro-soul sound and a big departure from her previous dance-infused tracks.

According to reports, Kelis is supposed to drop two -- yes, two -- albums this year. That's a lofty goal, but hearing just one full-length effort from her would satisfy our ears.

Listen to Kelis' 'Jerk Ribs'