Most people know of Kat Graham as the actress who stars on CW's The Vampire Diaries as teen witch Bonnie, but Swiss-born Graham isn't just a TV star. She's also a pop music dynamo in her own right, having released a handful of infectious dance-pop jams over the years, including 2012's completely underrated "Put Your Graffiti On Me."

While the artist previously pursued a more bubblegum-with-an-edge pop sound with colorful, sexy cuts like "Sassy" and "Wanna Say," the singer's recently released track "Secrets"—which premiered online yesterday—seemingly ushers in a new, more experimental sonic direction for Graham, and we couldn't be more intrigued.

Produced and featuring vocals by iconic American R&B musician Babyface, the sensually slow-burning pop ballad "Secrets" shows a new side of the artist. While the single is follow-up to Graham's early 90s freestyle/pop inspired jam "1991," "Secrets" tends to hearken back to another decade: the 80s. The track recalls the emotionally powerful, experimental sound of 80s-era arena pop, and even has moments where it sounds like a classic Prince track, with hazy synths, a melodic, soulful chorus, and a big quintessential electric guitar solo during the breakdown.

In addition to the anthemic retro 80s sound, Graham also gets super empowering and sensual in the lyrics, singing lines like, "All of my secrets turn me on, cause nobody knows," and "Let's do it in public." Ooh girl, get your freak on!

If "Secrets" is any indication of what's to come from your debut album, Kat, consider us excited—just don't keep the record a secret for too long though, okay?

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