When it comes to Twitter rants, Kanye West doesn’t disappoint. On Saturday (Feb. 27), the 38-year-old rapper went on his Twitter account to salute actor-comedian Will Ferrell.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, Yeezy said that Ferrell has reached “God Status” after watching him in the fashion comedy, Zoolander 2.

“His existence is a blessing,” he tweeted. “Perhaps it was seeing him play the same character from 15 years ago with 15 more years experience.”

“That showed how sharp and Bruce Lee status he is,” he adds comparing the actor’s excellence to that of the late martial arts legend.

In Zoolander 2, Ferrell plays the villainous fashion designer Mugatu who hasn't lost his evil bent after spending 15 years in prison for attempting to kill the Malaysian prime minister at the end of the 2001 film.

If you familiar with Ferrell's film career, West is not totally off the mark. He's certainly one of the top funnymen in films. Although "God Status" is a bit much, but it's Kanye and he likes to exaggerate.

In any case, read Kanye West's latest tweets below. Also, we included the trailer to Zoolander 2 just for reference.

Do you agree with Kanye West? Has Will Ferrell reached "God Status" level as a comedian? Tell us in the comments below.

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