"We can do better."

Beyonce. Will Ferrell. John Legend. Aziz Ansari. Jamie Foxx. Ellen Degeneres. Chris Rock & more of your favorite celebrities felt the pain too. They want to help make a change by supporting the "Demand A Plan" petition to enforce gun control in America. This plan includes criminal background checks, banning assault weapons and coming down on those partaking in gun trafficking.

Ever since the horrible events that occurred in Newtown, CT the fight for change has grown bigger than ever. The celebrities shown (aka real people too) are stepping up to the plate to ask for your help in spreading the word.

I agree that there should be some sort of control in place for gun ownership in this country but to deny the right to bear arms is a little overboard. It IS an amendment in our constitution.

So while I think there could be a few things compromised, I do agree we NEED these lawmakers to listen up and do something. It's our job as citizens to make this problem known and place it in the hands of our leaders and changers so they can make right what they can.

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