When Justin Timberlake released his new track 'Take Back the Night,' most fans thought it was just a harmless club jam about letting loose and staying young. However, other fans noticed it shared a title with the Take Back the Night Foundation, which strives to fight violence against women.

After being made aware of the similarities by the organization's lawyers, JT issued a statement. It read:

I wanted to take this opportunity to let all know that neither my song nor its lyrics have any association with the organization. As I've learned more about the Take Back the Night Foundation, I’m moved by its efforts to stop violence against women, create safe communities and encourage respectful relationships for women-- something we all should rally around. It is my hope that this coincidence will bring more awareness to this cause.

Before JT issued a statement, a rep for the organization told Radar Online, "They claimed he’d never heard of us before he wrote that song. I don’t know what country he’s been in. I suppose it could have slipped off his radar screen somehow. Somebody working for him definitely messed up." Yikes!

We hope Justin's statement was also accompanied by a hefty donation to the cause for his oversight in the situation.

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