Justin Timberlake released a knockout remix for 'TKO.' The all-star rap tune, dubbed the "Black Friday Remix," is a bouncy song featuring J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T spitting some gritty rhymes.

The most talked about verse on the remix is Hollywood Cole’s in which he addresses Kendrick Lamar’s 'Control' verse. Cole was among the many rappers K. Dot called out that he wanted to lyrically "murder."

On J. Cole’s verse, he talked about a woman having a 'Control' ringtone and getting hyped over Lamar’s acidic rhymes to his competitors.

"S---, not you too / Man that hype done got you too / Everybody and their momma gassed / Even my momma asked what I'mma do," he raps. "Decisions, decisions / In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition / If a n---- want problems, my trigger's on auto / I'll make sure that nobody miss him."

A$AP Rocky is up next and he chastises the haters who don’t like his swag or how he rhymes.

"Now you lame motherf---as lookin' devastated
 / Bet you niggas wish you never hated, that's the devil ain't it?
 / F--- that s---, he rich / F--- that shit, he this / F--- that s---, he that / 
He's black, he don't like Blacks / F--- that s---, he wack
 / F--- that s--- he rap / F--- that s--- he spits / F--- that bitch / 
F--- that bitch he with / Finished talking s---? / Get up off my d---," he raps.

Finally, Pusha T addresses what everyone will be talking about in December -- who had the best rap album of 2013? King Push proudly proclaims he is the best.

"All this album of the year talk / N----s claiming they had the best out / I been hot since the Purple Tape / And this cuban's poking my chest out," he spits.

JT's 'TKO' remix might go down as one of the grimiest remixes of the year. All three rappers did their thing on the track. Although J. Cole is a little late with his response to K.Dot, it's good to hear him throw a zinger at him.

What you think? Did you like J. Cole's verse? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Justin Timberlake's 'TKO (Black Friday Remix)' Featuring J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T