Joie Chavis is at odds with TMZ after they apparently got a hold of her daughter's birth certificate.  TMZ contacted Miss Joie and told her they intended to write a story about Bow Wow being left off the child's birth certificate.  Miss Joie was understandably upset and posted the following on her  Twitter feed:
"I wasn't going to address this because I'm tired of all the drama but I DID not take my daughters birth certificate to TMZ, nor did I contact them for an interview. I was put in an uncomfortable spot. They practically backed me into a corner saying they were going to run a story anyway."

"I was asked a question, answered it truthfully and somehow my words were twisted and manipulated," she continued. "I in no way wish to speak badly of my child's father and I would definitely not leak my daughter's birth certificate which I myself don't even have in my possession!"

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