As captured by several news photographers, Andruzzi rushed to help victims, including carrying one woman whose young daughters were struggling to help transport her away from the scene. The former lineman posted a message on Twitter late Monday night to let everyone know he was OK.

One of America's best sports towns, Boston is inseparable from its teams. An hour before the explosions that killed three people and left more than 100 injured, the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-2, at Fenway Park. The NHL quickly postponed the Boston Bruins' home game against the Ottawa Senators on Monday night, and the NBA canceled the Celtics' game against the Indiana Pacers originally scheduled for Tuesday night at Boston's TD Bank Garden.

The Boston Marathon has long been a showcase for some of America's best long-distance runners, and many athletes in other sports took to social media to express their sympathies and thoughts to those injured by the blasts. None of them, however, were as courageous as Andruzzi, who ran toward the scene, rather than obeying the natural human instinct to flee danger.

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