The world lost their mind when Tom Brady announced that he was coming back.  Now, they're speculating that he might be bringing another former Patriot with him.

It was the best news ever for Bills fans when we found out that Tom Brady would no longer be playing in the AFC East.  It's no secret that he owned that division when he was in it.  So when he decided to go play in Tampa Bay, Bills fans rejoiced.

Rob Gronkowski had decided to retire.  Julian Edelman retired.  It was like watching all your high school bullies getting knocked out one after the other.  The path to the Superbowl seemed clear for the first time in forever.  Watching that team get dismantled was one of the most incredible things to see.

Then Brady convinced Rob Gronkowski to come out of retirement and play with him again in Tampa. They put together a "who's who" team there.  It really was full of all-stars and it paid off.  They were able to win another Superbowl there.

Year two didn't work out as well for them.  They made it to the playoffs and were a favorite to go to the Superbowl again, but were knocked out short of that goal.  Then...Tom Brady retired and it felt like the Bills would never have to play him again.

Sadly, his retirement didn't last long.  He announced that he was coming back just weeks later.

Now, there's speculation that he might be trying to convince another of those big-time Bills rivals to come back.

Just yesterday he shared a video of him playing catch with one of his favorite receivers.

Yup...that's Julian Edelman playing catch with his quarterback Tom Brady.

This offseason has been crazy and while it's just speculation at this point, I wouldn't put it past them to do it. Edelman is pretty old for a receiver, but I'm sure he's still got plenty in the tank.

But wouldn't it be poetic for the Bills to make it to the Superbowl and have the chance to play against Brady, Gronk, and Edelman one last time?

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