Jennifer Hudson has dropped the restraining  against  her former fiancé David Otunga, allowing him to see their son.

Nearly two weeks ago, news broke that Hudson got an emergency order of protection against Otunga. This came after reports began to circulate that the couple had a nasty split when Otunga confronted her claiming she was secretly dating music producer/singer Mali Music. While Hudson has denied claims, Otunga believed that she had been secretly dating him for months before he confronted her.

The police were called after the confrontation and Hudson got an order of protection claiming that she feared Otunga after he became physical with her. Otunga was later removed from the family home by police. The order of protection gave Hudson primary custody of their son David Jr. and prevented Otunga from coming near her and their son.

According to TMZ, Hudson has allowed Otunga to see their son again but only because he's out of their home and no longer a physical threat to her. Otunga now has his son while Hudson is in London and will not be moving back into the family home. And while reports have come out stating that Otunga won primary custody, Hudson's camp has stated that there hasn't been a custody ruling yet.


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