Jay Z officially has a seat at the NFL table. It was announced this week that he's signed a deal to partner Roc Nation and the NFL to help bring about social change. It was reported this week by TMZ that he's to also become the first black owner of an NFL team.An official statement and team hasn't been released yet but if this is facts, Jay has passed GOAT status.

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The Swedish Nightmare for ASAP Rocky has finally come to an end! In a bitter-sweet verdict handed down this week, Rocky is finally no longer concerned about serving more prison time for the Assault charges he faced while visiting Sweden early July. He was found guilty this week and has to pay restitution but the up to 6 months he was facing if found guilty was taken off the table.

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Cyntoia Brown was only a teenager when she was sentenced to life in prison after killing the man who was sex trafficking her. She received an outcry of support from the public and celebrities to have her sentence overturned and finally she is a free woman! She wasted no time tying the know with Pretty Ricky's J. Long just days after being granted clemency. Congrats to them both!