R.I.P.  Jam Master Jay, one of the fundamental DJ's in hip hop (Run DMC) and the DJ community. It seems as if his son has taken up the craft and released a video. His son TJ Mizell aka A$AP Scratch is a member/DJ of the A$AP Mobb, including rapper A$AP Rocky. The video features Jay's son out in the middle of NY DJing. In 20 degree weather I might add!


The concept for the video is hot, but young TJ's skills need some work. He is in the video scratching to a dub step version of one of A$AP Rocky's songs. He is very very sloppy, now I know someone is sitting there thinking "Supreme it's Jam Master Jay's son, give him a pass".  No I think Jam Master Jay would say the same, he's not here so I'm going to say it for him,. People need to work on their craft before putting videos online. Including but not limited to Jam Master Jay's son. I'm not hating just my opinion, check out the video below to judge for yourself. Once again R.I.P. Jam Master Jay.