Sources say, recently, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed details on her keys to success in Hollywood, and working on different projects with rapper/mogul, Jay-Z. During an interview, Jada discussed juggling her business endeavors, acting career and family life. "I'm always clear on what my priorities are. So when ever obstacles or confusion come in to play, I'm always very clear and I always know where I'm stepping, because I understand what comes first in my life. And that makes it very easy." Jada also stars in the TNT hit series "Hawthorne", and is co-owner of Carol's Daughter with Jay-Z, Jimmy Iovine, Tommy Mottola, mogul Steve Stoute and others. Jada stated that the reason Smith's decided to work with Jay because he's proven to be a "strong partner" in different ventures. He's very professional, he's a good partner, and we are about to do a movie with him, the 'Annie' joint with Willow [Smith], so he's a good partner." She also served as co-producer of the Broadway play "Fela" along with her husband Will Smith and Jay-Z, who also manages their daughter Willow Smith's career, through Roc Nation. According to Jada, the key to success is partnering with the right people and developing strong relationships. "You know, we just have great teams and we have great partnership. It's all about partnering. And that's the thing that I've learned about being in this business. You can't expect to do great things by yourself that you have to be able to partner up with people," Jada shared. "I think, especially for African Americans to understand that particular component, because we're always thinking 'I want to do it myself." I've learned that in this business and in life, it's about choosing really fantastic strong partners that can come into the game with you and make things happen with you." The new season of "Hawthorne" debuts tonight at 10:00PM on TNT.
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