It looks like we will be getting the new J. Cole album, The Fall Off, next year.

On Friday (Nov. 1), Cole headlined the Day N Vegas Festival. During a break in the action, he updated fans on the highly-anticipated release with a hilarious ad he displayed on the large screen behind the stage. The promotion was set up like a presidential campaign ad, with Cole being promoted as the candidate you need to vote for.

"A man whose humility knows no bounds," the narrator says over clips of the North Carolina rapper and corresponding visuals. "A man whose pen is so potent, each word of his verses reportedly cost $2,000. We need someone with big ideas and bold solutions. An expert in diplomacy. A candidate that can heal the inter-generational war."

According to the video, one of Cole's policies is "Fuck them taxes."

The voice-over concludes, "Make your voice heard. Vote The Fall Off for 2020."

Cole first confirmed The Fall Off back in April 2018, shortly after the release of his most recent album, KOD.

"Was working on the fall off. And helping kiLL edward with his album. @killhisways but he don't tweet a lot," Cole tweeted.

He spent the first half of 2019 focusing on his label compilation, Revenge of the Dreamers III. This past September, Cole announced he was quitting doing features. It may have been a move implemented so he could focus on his new album, which will be his sixth solo LP.

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