Last week I told you about the announcement of the MTV's top 25 MC's in the game list. To my surprise J. Cole was left off the list obviously he was surprised also. J. Cole states when MTV asked him about not making the list.

"I don't know a list is a list. I don't know what i'm not on it. If it wasn't me it would be someone else that was left off. Do I Think I deserve it of course yes." When I saw it I was like word ? Shout out to MTV I love MTV ya'll have been holding me down".

This was a very politically correct answer from J. Cole. What people have to understand is Hip Hop is not MTV. MTV is a TV channel ran by a corporation named Viacom they also own BET. J. Cole isn't about to go to war with Viacom over a stupid list. Hip Hop isn't about list awards money or anything else like that. People need to get back to the true essence of Hip Hop, which was uplifting people from the streets, and stop worrying about list. Shout out to J. Cole he is definitely one of 2011's hottest MC's list or no list. Check him out below speaking on the list.

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