A daily habit that is part of countless New Yorkers ' days is more dangerous than once thought.

The New York State Health Department released some shocking facts about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Tobacco Linked To 12 Cancers

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The New York State Health Department reports over 50 percent of all cancer deaths across the Empire State are "caused by tobacco."

"Using tobacco is linked to 12 different cancers," the New York State Health Department wrote on Facebook while sharing new data regarding tobacco and cancer.

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Smoking Linked To 12 Cancers In New York State

Here are the 12 cancers that are linked to tobacco in New York State. Below is the number of cases and deaths from each cancer between 2016 and 2020, the most up-to-date numbers from the New York State Department of Health:

Smoking Linked To 12 Cancers In New York State

Here are the 12 most common tobacco-related cancers between 2016-2020

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Shocking New Facts About Smoking In New York State

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About 46,000 cases of tobacco-related cancers are diagnosed each year in New York State. It makes up for 40 percent of all cancer cases diagnosed.

"Almost 19,000 individuals died from a tobacco-related cancer each year, accounting for 56% of the 34,000 cancer deaths in NYS," the New York State Health Department states. "In NYS, 43% of all deaths from these 12 cancers combined, or about 8,000 deaths a year, could be attributed to smoking, and not other causes."

How To Quit Smoking

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New York State has a website for all who would like help to quit smoking. The website allows you to text, chat or call. It also offers free patches, gum or lozenge and tools to "quit your way."

CLICK HERE for help.

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