Wiz Khalifa reveals how much weed he smokes in a single day, and it's quite a high number.

Wiz Khalifa Reveals How Much Weed He Smokes a Day

On Tuesday (Feb. 27), Wiz Khalifa was partaking in the "20 Women Versus" experience on SkinBone's YouTube channel when the host took a moment cycling through women to ask Wiz a very important question.

"I don't smoke, I don't drink, but, you know, I be fascinated with how much you inhale weed," SkinBone said around the 19:35-mark of the video below. "How many blunts you think you smoke a day?"

"Like 30," Wiz said, admitting he was about halfway through his daily goal.

It's worth noting that Wiz has proudly claimed to only smoke papers and doest not smoke blunts. So, it's likely he just didn't correct the interviewer here.

"Stop smokin' blunts," Wiz posted in his Instagram stories during the quarantine in 2020. "No blunts in my session or in the room with me.”

He added in a follow-up post, "If you smoke blunts, you like tobacco and no weed and we’re not the same."

"We don't smoke blunts here fam," he tweeted in 2020.

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Snoop Dogg Reveals How Many Blunts He Smokes a Day

The only rapper who comes close to smoking Wiz's quantity has always been Snoop Dogg. The DoggFather hopped on his Instagram Story in 2023, to give a look at the weed he smokes daily. He was posted up in a hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands watching his favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football.

"Show you what I been doing today, all in a day's work," Snoop says in the video below before moving his camera to a line of blunt roaches on his window sill.

"Oh, wow. That's some good work, Dog," he adds.

Snoop Dogg then revealed a total of 11 roaches.

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Watch Wiz Khalifa reveal how much weed he smokes a day below.

Watch Wiz Khalifa Reveal How Much Weed He Smokes a Day

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